Wednesday, June 30, 2004


The conference gives us a night off from Math and a group of about 35 of us took the option of getting on a bus and travelling an hour north on I-95 and going to Portland, ME to watch the Portland Sea Dogs (AA affiliate of the Boston Red Sox) take on the Norwich Navigators (AA affiliate of the San Francisco Giants). The game had its moments, but the highlight for all of us who attended was the in between inning entertainment. I have come to realize that minor league baseball games are hidden gems of American entertainment. For $7 the baseball was good, but watching things such as two men try to catch plastic lobsters in tandem in a lobster pot with the lobsters being hurled from 30 feet away with lacrosse sticks was nearly the height of low brow entertainment. There was another contest in which two kids were trying to get as many cans from one barrel to another. We watched a young girl, not as fast a runner as the boy against whom she was competing, get more cans across by using the ingenuity of dumping the cans into her shirt and carrying twice as many cans at a time as the boy did in his hands. The women of our group as well as the women in the stands were chanting girl power by the end. It was not a great time to be a male.

The HIGHLIGHT, however, was the special appearance of the Zooperstars.. Between the first and second inning is when it all began. I'll let my pictures tell you the entire story.

"Ichiroach Suzuki" dancing with "Harry Canary"

"Shark McGwire" in a danceoff with a Norwich Navigator player.

Navigator player gets it ON!

"Shark's" turn.

They aren't hugging in good sportsmanship here.

"Ichiroach" tangoing with "Tiger Woodchuck"

But the best was the following, hands down.

"Roger Clamens" chases down and swallows up a little kid.

"Clamens" spits up unedible parts of little boy.

I have to report that the hometown Sea Dogs lost to the Navigators 6-2 to remain in last place in the Eastern League's Northern Division. I implore anyone who has a chance to see the Zooperstars to make a special journey to whatever location they are playing. I'm still laughing at the hijinx!


Section315Row18 said...

Great stuff!! The Veeck spirit shall live forever!

star firstbaseman said...

Oh, I think I'm dying. The clam is fantastic.