Monday, October 16, 2017

Seattle Visit Fall 2017 (aka O Fest!)

Seattle Screening of SOMETHING LIKE SUMMER!!!

The film was a selection at the Seattle Queer Film Festival.

The post screening Q&A.  Carlos P. on the far right.

With a couple of the actors from the film.

But the weekend was all about O!

Marlene's Birthday dinner (a week late) at Palisade.

Sunday Ferry ride on the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry!

Monday, September 04, 2017

Visiting the San Marino Family

Labor Day and Mom, Marl, O made a trip down to LA to visit Aunt Ming and the rest of the San Marino/Pasadena arm of the family.  It was also Onions first meeting of extended family!  From left, Uncle Mark, cousin Colin, Uncle Shao and Mom!

From Left, M and O, cousin Lucy, Aunt Evelyn and Aunt Ming!  We came down to visit, but also to EAT Chinese food in the San Gabriel Valley!  First stop, Sunday morning Dim Sum.

After Dim Sum, it was time to hang out at Uncle Shao and Aunt Ming's house!

Onions and I spent the afternoon getting massages and navigating the Santa Anita Mall to get some Dairy Queen and then, it was dinner time.  O got to contemplate crustaceans.

Lobster, crab, fish, shrimp.......a seafood bonanza.

O goofing around the next morning, after Onions, Marl and I visited a Southern California version of a Chinese night market. 

O with his "Mr. David," still learning how to even hold the instrument.

Developmental goal reached, possession. "My doggie"

Pre-flight breakfast!

Thanks for the great hospitality San Marino clan!  We hope to see you soon.